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Beco Butterfly Design Upgrades

Buckle Upgrade performed on all recalled Butterflies and coming automatically on every Butterfly produced after March 6th 2008

New special buckles connecting the top of the body with shoulder straps. The new upgrade buckles have not been integrated on any other baby carrier. These buckles are design by Duraflex, developed for Police Departments. They do not make the carrier harder or more confusing to use nor does it add a step. The new buckles have 3 slots where the webbing is feed through instead of 2, making it much harder for slipping to occur. Once the webbing is threaded it does not need to be removed. You will need to pull harder (about 3x as hard) than the current buckles. These new buckles actually eliminate a step, making the Butterfly easier to use. There will be no need to feed the buckle and excess webbing under the safety loops.

Additional design updates for Butterflies produced March 2008 and later:

From customer feedback, the webbing connecting the side of the body and end of shoulder straps will be 23" instead of current 18".

A stay put strap, the famous feature of our 4th gen Beco, will be part of March pieces as well.

These design upgrades will be described on printed material which will be included in their packaging.

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