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Will cloth diapering really save us money?

Yes! When our family discovered cloth, we had one baby and he was four months old. We bought a supply of cloth diapers and covers and the online diaper calculations showed we would financially break even with only four months of use. We bought 24 cloth diapers and that one purchase brought him to potty training without wasting another dollar on disposables. That child is now in kindergarten, and his little sister wore those same diapers! Then I sold them on Craigslist and got half my money back ;)

The free calculator we used is still available, or you can just read our numbers.

A typical newborn uses 8 diapers a day, or 240 a month.

A pack of Huggies or Pampers is $10 for 40 diapers, that adds up to $60 every month.

If the child wears disposable diapers until they are two and a half, that cost is an alarming $1800.

If cloth seems expensive at first, remember you only pay for them once! Our easiest system the bumGenius, would cost $430 for 24 diapers, but that is a complete set from day one up to potty training. You'll be all set! No need to buy larger sizes or any accessories later.

Most families keep their diapers if they might have another baby.
Others recycle them by passing them to a friend or a charity. It is a wonderful way to reduce waste in your life and on the Earth.

bumgenius cloth diapers

Modern cloth diapers - maybe not what you're thinking!

Learn what you'll need to get started!

Official washing instructions and detergent brands to know

If you didn't have to spend $1800 on throwaway diapers, but only $400 to buy a quality reusable supply, what would you do with all the difference?

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