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What would you need to get started?

How many days of diapers do you want to own? Our recommendation to you depends very much on if you are using cloth diapers exclusively, and on how many days you go between washing them. bumgenius cloth diapers

This recommendation is for a full-time two day supply of diapers

22 diapers and 8 covers

cloth diaper covers 6 to 18 months
16 diapers and 6 covers

18 months to the potty
12 diapers and 4 covers

cloth diaper starter set With bumGenius! diapers you do not need any covers at all.

Our most popular covers are the Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and the Bummis Super Brites. These can go on top of any diaper - a flat rectangle "prefold" diaper or one of the many brands of fitted cloth diapers that snap or velcro closed. The cheapest way to buy quality diapers is the Bummis Starter Kit. Made in Canada by a solid company with fabulous phone customers service, this boxed set is a very popular baby shower gift. It's a really easy way to get the whole system in place before baby comes. Or, if baby is here already and cloth diapering seems complicated with the many brands out there, buying the 15-30 pounds box is enough to diaper your baby from about 4 months old to age 3, washing twice a week and never wasting another dollar on disposables.

Of course if you are into organic wool, you'd be looking at the Little Beetle diaper and covers. bumgenius cloth diapers

Also, we recommend a small waterproof bag for outings.

Modern cloth diapers - maybe not what you're thinking!

Details about saving money by switching to cloth diapers

Official washing instructions and detergent brands to know

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