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Cloth diapering is easier than you think!

bumgenius cloth diapers Our diapers are as quick and easy to put on as disposables- just lay baby on top and then secure the velcro!
No diaper pins, no folding. The old days are gone!

When the diaper is done, just toss it in a laundry basket. No soaking, no rinsing, no touching, no worries. On laundry day, dump them all into the washer. You don't need special detergent, but you might add a prewash or a second rinse. Then they go in the dryer like anything else, or hang on the line if you prefer.

Cloth diapering feels good

It's great to save your family money. It feels good to conserve the environment and not send 8 diapers a day to the landfill. It feels good to wrap my baby's bottom on soft cotton. I don't think anybody wants to wear paper underwear and I bet my baby doesn't either- I feel good knowing she's in something soft and comfy. It's what I'd want if it were me, and she deserves the best!cloth diaper covers

Modern cloth diapers - maybe not what you're thinking!

Details about saving money by switching to cloth diapers

Official washing instructions and detergent brands to know

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