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The Belly Hugger

clearance item - discontinued by the maker - final sale

Belly Hugger nursing coverupThe Belly Hugger is a soft cotton/spandex tube to cover your belly while nursing. You wear the Belly Hugger under a normal top and it looks just like a layered T-shirt, and that way you don't need to buy special nursing shirts! Nursing in public just got easier! You can also use it during pregnancy to help bridge the gap between your former clothes and maternity clothes.

Why should I use The Belly Hugger?

You should use The Belly Hugger if you are a nursing mom who wants versatility in her wardrobe without buying expensive nursing clothing. The Belly Hugger allows moms to nurse babies easily while wearing your regular tops and not showing your skin. It is especially appreciated in cool weather or when you feel less-than-ecstatic about your post-pregnancy shape.

Belly Hugger modest nursing breastfeedingHow does The Belly Hugger work?

The Belly Hugger is a contoured tube of fabric. Pull it up from your feet up and adjust around your belly. There are no fasteners. Wear it high under clothes to keep you warm and secure OR wear it low on a warm day and pull up when nursing.

What kind of fabric do you use?

The Belly Hugger is made of soft, stretchy fabric like a quality knit camisole. Fabric content is 90% cotton and 10% lycra. This blend is comfortable and breathable

Can I use The Belly Hugger if I'm pregnant?

YES!! Decrease the need for buying lots of expensive maternity clothes by using The Belly Hugger to fill the gap between pre-pregnancy shirts and the top of your pants. The Belly Hugger also allows you to wear unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants. We suggest that you size up one size if you are in the first half of your pregnancy. Size up two sizes if you are in the 2nd half of your pregnancy and have a big Buddha belly.

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